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Name: Franziska
Nicks:Suklaa, Elkku, Zombeeh
born: 20.july
from: Germany

hair colour: black,brown,blond,red, :D (thats true !)
eye colour: blue green
height: smth unimportant about 1,70
weight: 54
piercings: yes labret
tattoos: no :/
other languages: english,french a bit finnish a bit italy
sport: boarding, riding
to do: nothing :D artwork .. sleeping


music:i can listen to everything but i prefer all kinds of rock music.

uniklubi; bfmv; reflexion; private line; ngt; sara; apulanta; poets of the fall; dimmu borgir; AFI; Backyard Babies, HCS; END OF YOU ;D ;bloodpit and many more....

Truth Unveiled (Million Times) - Reflexion

End Of You Song:
Liar , Twisted Mind

Listen to EOY: september 2006

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